What to Look for in Car Covers

Car covers are very critical in retaining your vehicle’s splendor. More than covering the car’s frame, it does an awful lot more protecting tasks for any vehicle. When you are going to shop for a brand new vehicle cowl on your automobile, you need to recognize about the matters that you must look for to make certain that you get most effective the satisfactory cowl:

1. Water proof cloth. Rainwater and any other types of fluids can break your car’s finish. Some are even sturdy enough to harm the paint notably. The unpredictable modifications in the climate conditions additionally get worse the dangers. You will in no way understand whilst it’s going to rain so that you cannot decide whether or not to park the auto outside or in the garage. By having a car cover that repels fluid, you save your automobile towards any pointless water damage.

2. UV evidence. Ultra Violet rays are very dangerous to each indoors and outside components of your car. The strong rays should permanently harm the paint end plus mutilate the vinyl coatings. All water resistant and UV evidence car covers are also powerful in opposition to dirt, tree sap, snow, in addition to bird poop. You no longer need to fear against these factors every time you park your automobile out of doors of the house.

3. Sufficient padding. Sometimes, especially while you park inside the storage, a few items may additionally come in touch against the auto and cause scratches, bumps and dents. Outside the house, particles which include tree branches, stones, and different strong items should produce the equal harm. A enough padding on the cover could prevent this from going on and could maintain your automobile free from any scratches, dents, or bumps.

4. Breathable fabric. A concern for any car that is parked indoors is the tendency for condensation to form mainly while there is no right air waft inside the storage. Because condensation method moisture or the presence of water on the surface of the auto, water harm is approaching. It is consequently crucial to bear in mind automobile covers which might be made with breathable substances to permit enough air to glide in between the cloth.

5. Good fit. An ill- outfitted car cover paperwork into unpleasant pockets everywhere in particular on the edges where water, dust, and even particles should accumulate. A perfectly fitted one, but, is less complicated to place on and take off, and will look tidier. It will be better to have one that is customized to match the make and sort of the auto. There are also covers which can be made specially to match a sure car version. Choosing car covers accordingly will sell better safety of the automobile’s paint task. This could be very crucial specifically if you need to hold its elegance and constantly have that sleek paint end. Having the best covers could also help in preserving your automobile’s resale value. So if you want to save from repair expenses and preserving your automobile searching at its exceptional, provide enough thought of the belongings you have to do not forget while you are going to shop for a brand new car cover.


Following recent launches of the LC sports coupe, the LS sedan and the luxury RX SUV with three rows of seats, Lexus is breaking borders with UX, the world’s first compact luxury crossover. Debuting at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the UX features innovative and bold design, new and efficient engines and amazing luxury items. “The first Lexus UX is designed for the urban explorer looking for a new, contemporary and dynamic version of luxury cars,” said Chika Kako, Executive Vice President of Lexus International and engineer responsible for UX. “We designed the car thinking of buyers in their 30s looking not only for something innovative and exciting but also relevant to their lifestyle.” The super-rigid structure and low center of gravity help the UX deliver exemplary driving agility and exemplary comfort along with a distinctive personality. The UX 2019 will be available in international markets in two versions: the UX 200 features a new 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine coupled with the unprecedented Direct Marking Transmission CVT, while the UX 250h combines the same petrol engine 2.0 liter with a new hybrid generation 4th generation system. The new technology, which relates to navigation, allows the UX 250h to proactively optimize hybrid operation by learning from and adapting to the driver’s routes and habits.

Bold design, urban versatility

The UX is a bold statement within a segment characterized by conventional SUVs. The striking design, notable for the bold front and rear bumpers, surrounds the cabin with a passenger compartment ideally designed for the driver and a relaxing space for passengers. To simplify the life of the urban explorer, the proportions of the vehicle allow easy maneuverability, with the best turning diameter of the segment, of 10.3 meters. A wheelbase of 2.63 meters contributes to a smooth and stable ride in the spacious cabin, while the 4.49-meter length makes the Lexus UX conveniently fit into parking spaces for compact vehicles. The basic shape of the vehicle flows from the front grille lines and envelops the cabin. Sculpted exterior surfaces convey the idea of ​​strength and security. For the exterior look there also have other ideas like, you should buy toyota outdoor car covers. The distinctive front grille of the Lexus ‘Spindle’ features a new block-shaped pattern with individual elements that gradually change as they radiate from the center of the Lexus emblem.The grid has a three-dimensional appearance that changes according to the angle from which it is observed. Daytime daytime headlamps above the headlights emphasize Lexus L-shaped illumination – and stand out for the bold front design. In the rear, a treatment with elegantly simple style contrasts sharply with the sturdy bumper, which highlights the dynamic and strong qualities of the UX. A new Lexus trademark, the tail lights project a distinct night light consisting of a sequence of 120 LEDs and taper toward the center, measuring only 3mm thick at its narrowest point. Among the new 17- and 18-inch aluminum wheel models created specifically for the UX, the 17-inch five-spoke features an innovative aerodynamic design. The computer simulations and the wind tunnel test have produced a profile for the wheel spokes which increases the airflow to cool the disc brakes without compromising the drag coefficient (Cd) of the vehicle.

Interior Design: A New Lexus Luxury Porch

The look and feel of the interior of the UX is pure Lexus. Since its inception the brand has used the secular Japanese traditions of craftsmanship and hospitality to instill in its vehicles a unique sense of contemporary luxury and the UX is no exception. Inspired by a traditional Japanese concept that softens the division between exterior and interior of a home, designers have created a sense of continuity for UX. From the driver’s seat, the upper part of the dashboard seems to extend beyond the windshield, giving the driver an excellent field of vision and a clear notion of the dimensions of the vehicle. Seen from the outside, the hood seems to connect directly to the dashboard through the windshield. Getting in and out of the UX gets easier with the ideal hip stitch placement and unique molding of the seat cushion. The human-focused approach continues behind the wheel. The low-profile, discreet design of the instrument panel and the elegant frames of the A-frame are shaped to improve visibility. The UX gives the driver the dominant view of the road, but with a driving position more similar to that of a sports hatch. A ‘full control’ concept provides the operation of all the main functions of the vehicle around the driver. In addition, the shape of the backrest allows the driver to operate the controls while maintaining a comfortable and natural posture. There is a lot of technology in the Lexus UX, and again, the concept of human-centered design makes everything easily accessible. One example is the integration of audio buttons into a hand rest in the center console. Chika Kako, UX engineer, took advantage of her experience in material development and time spent in Europe to help define the look and feel of the interior, in particular by applying a ‘less is more’ approach.

New luxurious finishes

The UX debuts two stunning interior finishes that also connect with Japanese tradition. One element is an optional leather upholstery inspired by sashiko, a traditional Japanese quilting technique that is also used in judo and kendo martial arts uniforms. A drill pattern derived from mathematical curves and gradations in perfect alignment gives the seats a particularly contemporary look. The UX dashboard and passenger compartment finish offer a choice of two standards and four different colors. For the first time in a Lexus, UX offers a new finish inspired by the Japanese paper grain, known as washi, traditional in Japanese houses. Created using a mud molding process and a carefully chosen surface finish, it evokes a sense of warmth and warmth. The leather finish of the UX is the same as the Lexus LC and LS sedan.

Creative Technology

The boldness does not end outside the UX. Lexus designers have created a cabin atmosphere with deep quality that will be especially evident to those who buy a premium brand vehicle for the first time. As an example, each of the UX air vents uses a new single-button control for the direction and volume of the airflow while the vents themselves are illuminated using a new wireless system. By combining the two functions into a single control, the openings can be enlarged, improving their effectiveness. The LED light source of each control is powered wirelessly using electromagnetic resonance between two coils vibrating at the same frequency. Using the same design principle as the Lexus LC rear lamp combination, the ventilation LEDs use mirror optics to create a floating illumination depth effect, even if the reflector element is only 3 mm thick.

Invigorating performance

Compact and dynamic in attitude, the Lexus UX 2019 is designed to deliver a ‘sleek performance’ feel. He is fast and attractive, but of subtle behavior. Fundamental in terms of responsiveness and comfort of the vehicle, the GA-C platform provides UX with the lowest center of gravity in its class. The engineering work consisted in providing high resistance around the rear door openings and the model trunk. The MacPherson strut front suspension and the double wishbone independent rear suspension system are specially tuned for a combination of urban agility and comfort, even on worn surface streets. Carefully refined details such as oil quality of the shock absorber, oil seals and friction control on the shock absorbers have a significant impact on the quality of the drive. An electrically assisted power steering system with a new compact, highly rigid spindle assists in drivability with quick response to driver commands and great driving sensation.

UX 200: ultra-efficient engine and CVT gearbox

Bold performance and high fuel efficiency are also the hallmarks of the new UX 200’s four-cylinder, 170-hp 2.0 engine. Advanced technologies, including high-speed combustion, direct fuel injectors, an oil pump with continuously variable capacity, variable cooling and timing of VVT-iE intelligent valves on the intake side give the engine a maximum thermal efficiency of around 40% – an exceptional number for a drive vehicle engine. The first Lexus Direct Shift Transmission CVT debuts on the UX 200 to play a key role in driving the crossover. The new transmission combines the smooth, fuel-efficient performance of a continuously variable conventional transmission with a more direct driving sensation. A conventional CVT uses two pulleys, connected by a belt, that can change its radius perfectly and thus change the effective gear ratio without any ‘step’ effect. The new Lexus CVT transmission uses an additional gearbox to start from a stop, giving the UX a faster, linear acceleration feel. As the gears reduce the need for the CVT pulley and belt drive to be used at low speeds,

UX 250h: new generation Lexus hybrid system

Lexus introduced the world’s first luxury hybrid vehicle for 15 years and the brand continues to be the leader in this segment. The UX 250h 2019 underscores this position with a next-generation hybrid propeller that delivers engaging performance and exemplary fuel efficiency. The new gasoline engine is remarkable for its high thermal efficiency, generating combined power of the combustion and electric propellers of 178 hp. Optimization of the electric motor assistance level produces a linear acceleration sensation without the motor running at high speeds. Its speed is synchronized with the speed of the vehicle to create a sensation of immediate and continuous acceleration. The hybrid system features a new, compact, lightweight power control unit designed to minimize energy losses through heat and friction. The location of the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery and the compact cooling system under the rear seat helps maximize cabin and cargo area space, and its location supports the vehicle’s low center of gravity.

E-Four AWD

The E-Four system provides the UX 250h with an additional electric motor on the rear axle. Power distribution between the front and rear axles is optimized automatically when accelerating, cornering or driving on slippery surfaces. When a loss of friction is detected in the rear wheel, the energy directed towards the rear is increased to about 80%, at speeds up to 70 km / h, contributing to maintain stability.

Efficient Predictive Direction

Some hybrid car drivers use techniques to maximize the autonomy of the car, in an action called in English of hypermiling. The Lexus UX 250h features new technologies that take hypermiling to new levels. The UX 250h unveils Efficient Predictive Driving, an innovative Lexus system that analyzes driving habits and expected roadway traffic conditions to optimize the charging and discharging of the hybrid battery. The more the UX 250h is driven, the more data is collected to help optimize fuel consumption (the system can be switched off at any time). Predictive Deceleration Support technology uses knowledge collected about driver behavior to predict when and where the vehicle will likely slow down or stop. For example, when the UX approaches a place where the driver has slowed down or stopped in the past and the driver releases the accelerator pedal, Predictive Deceleration Support increases regenerative braking, enabling more efficient recovery and recharging of the battery hybrid. The system can provide deceleration support up to a distance of about 300 meters in front of the vehicle. The ‘Predictive State of Charge (SOC)’ control for the hybrid battery is an unprecedented technology that works on sloped roads and congested traffic. Operating when the UX is following the guidance of the navigation system, it will predict the course of the next 10 km ahead.


UX will offer the Lexus Safety System +. It includes a pre-collision system (PCS) that can recognize pedestrians at night. In addition, the PCS radar capability has been expanded to allow detection of cyclists during the day. The package available for the UX also includes the Lexus Co DRIVE (with Lane Tracing Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control), Automatic High Beam / Adaptive High-beam System and Road Sign Assist.

UX F Sport

The bold design and attitude of the Lexus UX call for the brand’s F Sport treatment, which is available for both the UX 200 and the UX 250h. The exclusive fit of the F Sport suspension includes specific springs and stabilizer bars as well as stiffer rear shock absorbers for increased agility and performance. The F Sport option can be combined with a UX version of the high-precision Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system, which debuted on the LC coupe. The system increases damping force to minimize tilting in turns or lane changes and reduces damping force in a straight line to preserve the quality of driving. When the AVS is installed, it is linked to the Sport S + mode in the vehicle’s driving selection system.Exclusive exterior features that emphasize a low, wide shape give the F Sport versions a sporty look. Large fog lights with chrome L-shaped frames and the exclusive front grille of the F Sport version amplify the visual impact. A unique rear bumper design, 18-inch alloy wheels and black details on the front and rear frames complete the exterior F Sport Transformation. The exclusive interior features of the F Sport include sporty front seats made with an integrated foam technique with high support. An instrument panel with a movable outer ring is a signature F Sport feature inspired by the super sporty Lexus LFA. The package for the UX also adds an F Sport leather steering wheel, 8.0-inch TFT color display, plus sport aluminum pedals and footrest.